This solution is implemented through Stripe which is our suggested payment gateway for subscriptions.

It’s important to note, that by following this procedure the users will start studying while being in Stripe’s “trial” mode which will give them time to add their credit card.

1 Create the user from Users -> All users -> Add user. You can find more information on how to add a user in our respective article

If the learner is already registered in your school you may skip this step. 

2 Ιn your Stripe account, navigate to Customers from the left side panel and create a user with the same email address

3 In Stripe’s menu under Customers -> Subscriptions, create a Subscription for the newly added user by adding the Customer you previously created, and enroll in the desired already-existing Product.

4 Υou can enter the product info and offer some trial days which practically will be the free time interval you wish to offer until the learners enter theιr credit card details.

Νote: If the users do not provide payment details at the end of the trial days their access to the subscription courses will be prohibited.

Note: A user can be enrolled in one subscription at a time, so you can only enroll them through Stripe in one Product. If you would like for a user to have access to multiple Subscriptions, you can create more user profiles in your LearnWorlds school.

By following this manual enrollment/workaround through Stripe, users will be successfully enrolled in the LearnWorlds subscription plan and will be notified to enter their credit card details in order to renew after the trial period set in step 4. 

Once you have followed the steps above, you need to manually enroll the learner to the subscription by following these steps

Keep in mind that the price you choose during the manual enrollment is not effective on the subscription but only the price that will appear on your school's Sales page.