In the race for constant content creation, YouTube is by far in the first place with millions of videos getting uploaded every day and thousands of viewers at any given time. Using YouTube as your main video hosting platform is very common among many course creators out there. However, we bet that there are times you thought that there must be a better way to connect your YouTube content with your Learnworlds school.

Well, let us show you how you can create an RSS url from your YouTube channels and playlists and then, how to add them in your school’s Live Feed

YouTube Channels & Playlists

There are two different kinds of YouTube Channels IDs:

a The Username ID

b The Channel String ID

c  Also, there is the Playlist URL:

All three options have a different URL, however, the process is similar for all, so let’s start with the Username ID.

1 Copy the highlighted part of the image below

You can check out the text here:

Make sure you copy only the highlighted part

2 Navigate to “Settings” - " Learning Apps" - “Daily News”:

3 Then, click on the “Add feed” button on the top of the page:

4 In the side-menu that appears, copy the following URL and add the text that we copied in step 1. The URL will look like the one below:

For example:

5 Don’t forget to activate the feed in your school. You can do that by hovering over the feed you want and then click on the “Play” button.

Now all your videos will start appearing in your “Daily News” feed.

For option b) you will have to follow all the steps from above but in step 4 you will have to use this URL:

And, for option c) you will have to use the following URL:

After doing all of the above, soon after your videos will start appearing in your “Daily News” feed. :)