Referral marketing is a great way to leveraging the network of your users to promote your courses to their friends, family and colleagues. Satisfied customers will spread a good word for you, add an extra incentive to the equation and that effect can be multiplied.

ReferralCandy is the perfect tool for the job and here is how to set it up.

How Does ReferralCandy work?

1) Sign Up for ReferralCandy.

Use this link to sign up, by using LearnWorlds, you get double the free trial period. ReferralCandy gives $50 credit to LearnWorlds users which counts towards your first payment.

2) Go to "Settings" - "Integrations" - "Affiliates"

3) Go to Your ReferralCandy Account and Click “My Profile” under your name

4) Copy the App ID from your ReferralCandy account

5) Paste the App ID to your LearnWorlds School

6) Go back to ReferralCandy for the Secret Key

7) Paste the Secret Key

8) Click Save

9) Go back to ReferralCandy’s Dashboard and Start Customizing Your Program

You will need to get your referral program ready and running. Here is a quick list of things to do:

  1. Prepare your referral program & rewards
  2. Edit the landing pages of your referral program
  3. Share your referral sign-up with your users, friends and partners
  4. Keep track of it, promote and send exclusive material to your referrals
  5. Some patience
  6. And remember that sign ups are referring to courses and bundles, and not to subscriptions.

Note: In your Referral Candy Dashboard in "Integration tab" at the question  " Do you have a developer" choose "Yes" and then choose "JavaScript Connection" as a connection type.

Then go on with the mentioned steps (1-9) mentioned above in order to connect Referral Candy with your school.

And enjoy your extra Sales :)