This option will give you the ability to include a webpage as part of a course.

1 In the course page under the section in which you want to insert an external link click Add an activity.

2 Click on External link, under the Embed tab.

3 Insert the title of your unit and click on Save.

4 Hover over the new learning unit and click on Settings.

5On the side from that appears, paste the URL of the desired page and click Save.

 This is what it will look like in the course player:

Note: Some websites (Google, Facebook, Amazon) do not allow content from their platforms to be showcased on different platforms. For instance, if you add

This is what you will experience:

Note: The links you can choose to reproduce from within your school, should start with HTTPS, meaning they must have an SSL certificate installed. A workaround we can suggest is you replace the External Link learning units with Ebook ones and simply add the link in the ebook as text which your learners can follow.

Note: if you want to insert a page of your school as an external link, you will need to add ?preview=1 at the end of the URL in order to appear as an iframe within the course player.