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LearnWorlds Gamification - Digital Badges for rewarding your Learners

Your LearnWorlds school is gamified and supports out-of-the-box a set of digital badges that are being awarded to your learners based on their social behavior and the goals they achieve when using your online school. In this article, you can see all the available badges and a description/scenario of when each one of them is being unlocked.

In order to enable or disable the Gamification Engine of your school you need to navigate into your admin dashboard and go to Settings>Learning Apps> Gamification Engine. From there you can enable or disable the gamification of your school and see all the available badges along with the scenarios, that once met will unlock the relevant badge. 

You can have a review of all the badges below too:

You can enable or disable the notification message sent when a badge is awarded.

The badges that your learners earn during their experience within your school, can be found in the learners' Inbox & Profile page once they are logged into their account.

Over time your learners will have a visual portfolio of all the different skills they have gained. That's it!

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