In case you are using your own account to host your videos, there are some changes you need to make to the Vimeo settings, in order for your videos to properly loaded on your LearnWorlds site. First of all, you need to change the privacy settings of your videos in order to allow for them to be embedded in your LearnWorlds site. Secondly, you need to hide the default Vimeo player in order to allow for the advanced LearnWorlds interactive video player to take over. 

You can follow these steps in your Vimeo account:

1 Navigate to your Settings:

2 Select the "Embed presets" in the Video section and "+Add new Preset".

3 Give the name you wish to this preset, e.g. "learnworlds-settings-Final" and click on the "Continue" button.

4 Scroll down to navigate to the "settings" of your preset. In the Player Preferences you need to select "Always hide" for all the options, keep unchecked the checkboxes, and select the option "Empty" in the "After video" field like the screenshot below:

5 Select the "Upload defaults" in the Video section and in the "Choose embed preset to apply to your videos" field select the Preset you have created for LearnWorlds. 

In case you have a custom domain with your school in the “Where can your videos be embedded” field you have to click “Add domain” and insert your own domain.

Please note that if you have already uploaded videos in your account that you would like to use in your school, make sure to activate the checkbox "Also apply to all existing videos" under the "Choose embed preset to apply to your videos" field.