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Business to Business (B2B)

LearnWorlds can be customized to be a B2C or a B2B training portal based on your needs. You can have multiple courses that are marked as "Paid" which means they can be bought by individuals, and then have "Private" courses which are not visible to your regular customers and are tailored to corporate customers.

Let's see now how to customize your School Pages and courses for B2B clients. 

Approaching B2B clients

On your Landing Page or Course Layout Pages, you can add a Contact Form in which you can invite clients to reach out and further discuss the process of corporate selling.

LearnWorlds checkout process supports the purchase of one product per user, by default, according to your enabled payment gateways, thusly it's essential to establish communication with your corporate clients in order to arrange a custom agreement.


As soon as you agree on the pricing and product purchasing,  you can:

1. Receive the payment externally, e.g. directly to your payment gateway, if it supports the creation of payment links, or via a wire transfer.

2. According to the requested seats, you can create a "dummy" private course as a placeholder, and share the payment link with your client. For more information on how to sell private (unlisted) courses, check here


As soon as you confirm the incoming payment, you can:

1. Provide your client with an excel file of unique bulk coupons, offering a 100% discount. Those coupons can then be distributed to the users, in order for them to create an account and access the courses for free. We suggest enabling the direct Payment Flow in your Navigational settings, in order to for the user to simultaneously create an account and purchase the product for free. 

2. Alternatively, you can manually import and enroll the users in your products. 

3. In the Learning Center plans or higher, you can bulk enroll the users, which can save a lot of time for a significant number of users enrollment, or you can use the API for bulk actions.

Type of Courses 

1. If you want to permanently have courses with multiple licenses and for B2B clients, you can clone your existing courses and create multiple private ones

2. Otherwise, you can create a Bundle of your private courses, in order for users to make one purchase only if you have agreed to the purchase of multiple courses.  

Note: Although bundles can consist of private courses, Bundles themselves cannot become private. If you would like to avoid any external user accessing those bundles, you need to remove any public buttons and links that redirect users to that bundle.

3. If you would like to offer subscriptions, you can manually enroll users in your subscription plan through LearnWorlds which has a maximum duration of 12 months. Otherwise, you can provide 100% discount coupons with a lifetime duration, which users need to apply on the checkout page. 

In case of a different implementation, you can contact us at in order to further assist you with your flow. 

Groups and Community 

1. You can create private groups in your community, and invite the users of each company. In this way, posts that are shared in that group will only be accessible by those users.

2. If you have private courses dedicated to each corporate client, users can also use the discussion feature of the course. 

Tags and Visibility

1. A great way to categorize the users of each business is to tag them. In the case of manually importing users, you can simultaneously tag them. In the case of providing 100% discount coupons, you can create a dedicated custom payment page and utilize the tag feature of the payment template. 

2. You can add sections and widgets in your pages that can have user visibility applied only to a specific tagged group of people. This is helpful for cases such as sharing news or announcements that are targeted to that specific group. 


1. You can create specific user segments in your Reports Center that will reflect the user progress of the corporate groups, and share the report with your clients.

2. In the Learning Center plans or higher, you can also assign Reporting Roles to your clients, with predefined or custom permissions enabled, to manage the reports on their own. More specifically, the available permissions that can be assigned to the reporting roles are:

  • View users
  • Manage User Segments
  • View user analytics
  • Export user analytics
  • Manage the Scheduled reports
  • View the activity history
  • Manage the Gradebook
  • Manage Certifications
  • Manage the Assignments


  • For more information and tips on how to sell Corporate Training programs, you can visit our blog article here.
  • If you prefer to have a whole new different interface for your B2B clients, such as the Community and Learning apps to be dedicated to each business client, and even brand the whole experience to suit their company and include a full social environment just for them, then you will need more than one account with us; one serving your B2C customers and one for each corporate client. You can even have a dedicated domain name for each school.

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