In this article, we’ll present all LearnWorlds’ tools that will assist your communication with learners.


Your school is already a community. Why don’t you create the interface for users to socialize?

Admins and students are able to create posts and comments that can be also commented, starred (“yeah”), or highlighted as the best (“best of”)

Your posts can include a URL, an image, or even a poll to feel the pulse of your learners’ community and more about their interests and personalities.

For the optimal management of your school’s community, you may remove inappropriate posts by clicking on the Edit Social:

and then the red recycle bin next to the post.

You may also check a relevant article on Community and its settings in this article.


Αll communities consist of smaller groups, so why should your school’s community be an exception?

Within the community, you may create groups according to learners’ interests, courses’ enrollments, or even hobbies!

Simply click on the “Create Group” button

select a relevant group name

And invite learners to join!

Learners will receive an email notification as well as an inbox message in their school’s account.

Group participants are now ready to start discussing, sharing questions or concerns, and socialize! They will also be able to post a URL, an image, or a poll.

As an admin, in case a community user or a group member shares a post while you are logged out, you will be notified with an email and in the community page with the number of the new posts, while users will be notified only if they are members of the group.

You can learn more about community Groups, by clicking here.

Discuss tab

Depending on your school’s social settings you may enable Course Discussion groups for each course or for each course’s “learning activity".

You can also allow the course discussion content to be published in the Community, allowing anyone to comment on posts.

The course discussion tab is not only a socializing tool within your school’s community, it can also become a strong tutoring tool as it allows instructors to answer questions and exchange ideas within the course class.

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“Socializing” is not the only communication option LearnWorlds offers. You may address your learners with emails. Apart from the automated emails and notifications sent out in certain events as Registrations, Enrollments, etc you may contact learners with an inbox message.

To access the direct notification feature, while on preview mode kindly navigate to your inbox page:

Click on the “New message” tab at the top

Select the learner or learners you would like to send a message to (start typing “@” and the name of the student. A list of suggested accounts will appear and you can pick the right one). 

Once you fill out the message just click the “send” button!

You can also, navigate to your "Learners" page, hover over the "Manage" field of the user you wish to contact and click on "Send message" :