Have you already created a LearnWorlds school and wanna contact us? Are you considering our platform for your online academy but want more information?

In both cases, you can create a ticket, and our support team will be more than happy to help. :)

There are two ways to create a ticket:

1If you are logged in to your school as an admin, just click on the “Ask for help” button at the bottom right.

In case our articles do not include information for your inquiry :( let us assist you. Just click on the “Contact Us” button to submit your ticket! You can also attach a relevant file, as a print screen in order to give more information about your request!

2 Alternatively, you can visit https://support.learnworlds.com and select the “New Ticket” button and after signing in/signing up...

...you’ll be redirected to a similar ticket form, where you can enter all your details plus an attachment.

This was it!

Pick the most convenient method to submit your ticket and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Also, you can check LearnWorlds Academy with courses on how to author the platform and create your content and exclusive courses on how to market your school and bring sales (full access to the Pro or higher plans). Just follow this link https://academy.learnworlds.com/ and log in with your school's email and password (no need to create a new account).