You, as a school owner, would like to know all the relevant information about your users the moment they sign up for your school. So besides the Email, Username, Password (which are required fields), LearnWorlds offers several different “Sign up fields” that can be set as required (or not) in your school’s sign up form. 

These are:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Country
  • Birthday
  • Company name
  • Company Size
  • Website
  • University
  • Graduation Year

We do understand that each school has different needs so you may not need to use the field "Company name" but you would like to add new fields such as "School name" instead. Guess what... You can add your own custom sign-up fields, so we've got you covered! To read more about custom sign-up fields, click right here.

You can see all of the available “Sign up fields” if you navigate to “Site Builder” - “Sign in/up” :

Also, you can specify whether users can sign up/login to your school through social media:

It's important to note, that once a user signs up using the social media of his choice, then for logging in they have to use the same social login.

You can find more about social logins and how to utilize them right here.

Now it's up to your students to utilize all the options you offer them, and up to you to choose what data you require of them before they join your school!

That’s it!

Also, please note that these fields are available in the reports (excel or csv) you can export from your school (Users -> Learners), in the API, in the Webhooks, and Zapier (where you can set up your Zaps by using Webhooks).