Wistia is professional video hosting for business. Businesses can add their videos to the web, track their performance, and find new ways to build and engage with their audiences using online video. You can customize your video so it matches your overall web brand, increase website traffic through video SEO, and generate new, engaged leads for growing your business. You can also embed videos from one account onto several different domains/websites. ;)

Perhaps you already host a bunch of your videos in Wistia and want to keep all your videos in one place. Or maybe you prefer the flexibility offered by Wistia when it comes to customizing your videos or the reach their Video Analytics offer.

Wouldn’t it be great to connect your Wistia account with your LearnWorlds school and enjoy easy video access and uploads?

Sure, and it would definitely save you time and effort. :)

Shall we check the procedure?

You can connect your Wistia account under your school’s “Settings” -> “Video” -> "Provider".

By selecting Wistia, a “Connect your account” button will appear.

Once clicked, you’ll be redirected and asked for access authorization to your Wistia account.

Βy selecting “Authorize”

, you will be prompted to log in. (If you were already logged in to your Wistia account, you will not receive this prompt).

Enter your credentials so to connect your Wistia account with LearnWorlds.

Since you have connected your Wistia account with your LearnWorlds school, you can navigate to the "Video library" of a course and upload your videos

, and they are automatically uploaded in Wistia as well!

Now, once you create a video learning activity:

, you can easily connect your videos by selecting the “Settings” button.

And you can choose your video file.

Also, you have the option to connect any WIstia video by pasting the Wistia ID found on video’s address bar. :)

Now click on "Save" and preview your new video learning activity by clicking on the "Preview course player" button.

Pretty awesome right? Hope you enjoy our Wistia integration!