How can you resend a notification email to a learner that you manually imported into your school? It couldn’t be simpler! 

1 Go to Users -> All users and filter your users with the option Never Logged In, under All users filter.

2Click on Re-send activation:

3When the pop-up window appears, click “Resend”.

If this step is successful, this message pops up:

The user receives an email that looks like this one:

They can add a password and visit their account on your LearnWorlds school.

If you want to modify this email notification, navigate to Settings -> Notification emails -> Registration emails and then find the When a learner is imported by admin email notification.  You can find more about the notifications and how to modify them here.

Note: If you wish to send a re-activation notification to a specific user, go to Users ->All users and filter your students “All users” with the option Never Logged In. Hover over Manage for the specific user and click on Resend activation: