There comes a time, in every classroom, digital or not, when one of the students never shows up.

How can you resend a notification email to a learner that you manually imported into your school? It couldn’t be simpler! 

1 Go to “Users” - “Learners” and filter your students using the filter “by Learners” with the option “Never Logged In”. 

2Click on the "Manage" icon of the user you want and then find the option “Re-send activation”

3When the pop-up window appears, click “Resend”.

If this step is successful, this message pops up:

The user receives an email that looks like this one:

They can then add a password and visit their account on your LearnWorlds school.

If you want to modify this email notification, from your admin menu visit “Settings” - “Notification emails” -"Registration emails" and then find the “When a learner is imported by admin email” notification. 

You can find more about the notifications and how to modify them here.

And that’s it! Piece of cake right?