With the Learnworlds Site builder, you can easily copy and paste a zone you have created, on another page or another position to the same page. Design once and copy everywhere, a great design flexibility. This is very useful especially in cases where you have spent quite some time customizing a particular template and you want to add it once more but without the fuss of creating it from scratch. 

1 Go to "Site Builder" - "Edit School Site" and navigate to the page you wish. 

2 Select the zone you want to copy by left-clicking on it once.

3 On the menu that appears click on "Copy":

4 Now, we can go to any other course and paste this section. To paste it below another zone, simply left-click on the other zone but this time select "Paste zone" from the menu.

Note: Make sure you stay on the same tab when changing courses/pages so as not to discard the copied content.

As easy as that! :)