You have two options on how to insert audio learning activities in your courses:

Upload an mp3 file

1Go to the course where you want to add the audio file and add a new Audio learning unit in the relevant section.

2Once your new Audio learning unit has been created click on Settings. Click on the Select the audio file you want to upload option and upload the audio file. 

You can play the audio to hear if it works, edit its name or delete it.

You can also view the duration of the file you have created, either it is inserted with a URL or you have uploaded it.

In the Audio Player, the activity’s buttons automatically take the color theme of your course player. For uploaded audio, the player provides a waveform of the audio.

Users can see the duration of the audio in two ways. They can jump 20 seconds forwards or 10 seconds backward and they can control the volume and even mute the sound.

Note: Users can use shortcuts in the audio files:

  • space = play/pause

  • arrow up/down = volume up/down

  • arrow left/right = backward 10 sec / forward 20 sec

Embed an audio file from another website

1Once you have created a new audio activity click on Settings.

2On the new window that opens, simply paste the URL of your mp3.

Google Drive

If you have uploaded your mp3 on Google Drive, copy the id of the shareable URL (the part that has random numbers and letters) and paste it at the end of this line:

Example: If this is the URL you copied from Google Drive then this URL should be inserted in your school's learning activity:


If you have uploaded your mp3 on Dropbox, copy the shareable URL and paste it in the respective field. 

Note: You need to replace the "0" at the end of the URL with  "1". 

Example: If this is the URL you copied from your Dropbox the  URL that should be inserted is this:

 Note: In case the audio link does not play on mobile devices, make sure you replace the "www.dropbox" with "dl.dropboxusercontent". So if your URL is you should change it to and the audio will play.