In another tutorial we learned how to create promotions and coupons. But what if you wanted to massively create multiple different coupons which could be allocated separately to your potential customers? Bulk Coupons is your answer!

The procedure of creating Bulk Coupons is almost like creating promotions and coupons.

1Click on "Marketing tools" -> "Course Promotions" in the admin menu.

2Click on  the "Create course promotion" button.

3Give an easy-to-remember name to your promotion.

4Choose the type of your promotion (% or fixed $ amount) and fill-in the value.

5Select the courses for which the promotion will apply.

6Now no separate coupons will be generated but instead we will create all at once multiple and different ones! Scroll down to the  "Bulk Coupons" section.

7In this section you need to:

  • add a prefix for your bulk coupon 

  • set the maximum number of times this bulk coupon can be used

  • set an expiration date for the bulk coupon

8Then click the "Generate bulk coupon".

9Now you can see the generated bulk coupon, which you can delete at any time by clicking the bin button.

After you are done with generating the bulk coupon simply click on the "save" button. It is very important to click the second save button since this is the only step that finalises the bulk coupon and stores it to your promotions list!! Otherwise your bulk coupon will be discarded and you will have to start the process from scratch.

10Here it is, your first Bulk Coupon!

11From this screen you can edit your bulk coupons by clicking the "edit" button or delete any of them by clicking on the "delete" button.

But what do the three colored tabs mean:

Green: The times that the particular promotion coupon has been used so far.

Blue: The overall amount of coupons created.

Red: The expiration date of the promotion coupon.

If you want to check which coupons have precisely been redeemed, you simply have to click on the "edit" tab. There you can find under the "Create Bulk Coupons" tab a new excel icon in your previously created bulk coupon.

Download it by clicking on it and open the file to see which coupon codes have been redeemed so far. (Note: Coupon codes are case sensitive so make sure your learners copy the code exactly as it is)

If you are wondering how your potential learners can use a coupon upon enrollment then wonder no more cause here is what they should do:

a) First they will need to find the corresponding course to the coupon and click "Enroll"

b) Then in the coupon section they should confirm that they do have a coupon so as to redeem it.

c) After that, they should be able to type the coupon code in the field and click on "Redeem" to get their discount.

d) Finally they will be able to see the precise discount they are getting along with the final price of the course. All that's left to do is accept the terms and conditions and click on the "Continue" button to provide payment information for completion of their enrollment.

Now that a coupon was redeemed let's check the excel file as we showed above.

As we can see the coupon with code winter-NTMTCE ( the one we redeemed one step above) was used.