Cloning a course is a very handy way of re-using and re-purposing your content. Perhaps you want to create a premium version of a course (with additional content or including an extra one-on-one session with the instructor), or just need to re-use some of your existing videos. 

Cloning a course in LearnWorlds is a matter of seconds, following a few easy steps. 

1 In the "Course manager" page, click on the Clone button that appears when you hover your mouse over the course card you want to duplicate.

2 Provide a title and a friendly URL for your new course and click on "Clone course" (please make sure to use a unique URL and do not use the same as the original one). Kindly note that this URL cannot be changed at a later date.

Here is how your new, cloned course will look like. As you can see, it automatically has the 'draft' access type, to allow you to make changes before it is ready to be published.

And you are done! A new course with the exact same content was just created for you.

Note 1: After the duplication the course will be in Draft mode so you can navigate to the tab "Access" and change its status as you wish. 

Note 2: If the original course has Drip-feed enabled you would need to set it again for the cloned course.

Note 3: The newly cloned course will not have any users enrolled in it.