Cloning a course is a very handy way of re-using and re-purposing your content. Perhaps you want to create a premium version of a course (with more content or a with an extra one-on-one session with the instructor), or just need to re-use some of your existing videos. 

Cloning a course in LearnWorlds is a matter of seconds, following a few easy steps. 

1 In the "All courses manager" page, click on the Clone button that appears when you hover your mouse over the course you want to duplicate

2 Provide a Title and a friendly Url for your new course and click "Clone course" 

Here is how your new, cloned course will look like. As you can see, it has automatically turned into a Draft access type to allow you to make any changes before it is ready to be published to your school.

You are done! A new course with the exact same content was just created for you.