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How to Create a PDF Learning Activity

Inserting a PDF learning activity in your course player is an interesting way to provide material to your students which can be downloaded, and even maintain the same format in comparison with Word documents. 

Create the learning activity

1. Go to Contents of your created course.

2. Click on Add an activity under the selected section.

3. Click on PDF at the Multimedia menu.

4. Give a title to the learning activity and click Save.

Add the PDF file

1. Hover over the learning activity and click on Settings.

2. Click on Select pdf to upload your PDF file. Make sure that the title of the file is in Latin characters.

3. Optionally, fill out the number of pages that your PDF includes (which can be visible in the course content section).


  • Supported are PDF files up to 10 MB and only Latin characters in the title of the pdf file (special characters like â, è, ü, etc are not supported).
  • To let your learners download, copy or print your PDF Files, set up your settings on your Copyright Protection page.

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