Click on Site Builder -> Edit School Site and select the page where you would like to place a payment section (for example a course page). 

Click on Add section and add a Payment section template you like (you can customize it later).

In your Site Navigation, you can specify whether logged-out users can access the payment section and navigate to the payment page. In this way, new users can buy and sign-up for the course at once.

To enable this, click on Site Builder - Navigation and choose the "Logged out users will be able to visit the payment page, and register there" option:

Customizing your payment section

1 You can edit the Payment section, including the section's design, visibility, and ability to add tags, by clicking on Edit Payment Section.

2 If you have created a promotion for the section's related course, you can apply the coupon code to the payment section by default (so the users will not need to enter the coupon code manually).

Note: Once a user clicks on the Enroll button in any of your paid courses, they will be redirected to the Payment page where the Product details will already be updated, in the Payment section. For the Payment page, the coupon code added, should apply to all of your created courses or bundles.

3 You can add a Widget and drag and drop the different components, within the payment section. For example, you can add a message, a timer, an image, such as a Payment method icon, or anything you like!

4 You can choose to tag users upon purchase in order to further categorize them. Press enter to add a new user tag or select from the existing ones.

You can find out more on how to create and use tags in our relevant article

Note: If you have specified that users can sign up/login to your school through social media on your Sign in/up page, this option will appear on your payment form. 

Note:  You can find out more on how to edit your payment sections, on our Payment page and 1-click sales funnel articles, where your potential customers can provide, in a single step, all the information needed to complete a purchase.