With SSO (Single-Sign-On) your students don't need to have a separate user account for accessing your online school. You can use your organization's existing login system of your WordPress site

A new WordPress plugin connects a WordPress site with your LearnWorlds School for seamless browsing between them! What this new plugin changes, is that it creates accounts, signs users in and keeps user login in both sites. 

Why should I use this Wordpress plugin?

If you already have built your business on WordPress, this plugin will help you provide amazing learning experiences. Suppose you want to educate your audience on a new product or a new skill. In your site you can add a menu item with a link to your school. Then, when members of your page click on this item, they directly connect to your learning material without the need to register at the school you have created with LearnWorlds. 

Or imagine that you have created a blogpost where you train people on your subject and you want to provide more explicit video training. You can then add a link to your blog post including a shortcode to a course (or even a course unit!) you want to redirect your readers to. They can then immediately continue education, without having to get through the tiring process of creating a new account.  

The same goes if you have created a series of courses in a card style in your website and you want your members to sign in directly when selecting one. This can work also as a white-label mechanism, as your students will barely know they are connected with LearnWorlds and they will think they are learning from your brand (to learn how to create fully white-labeled schools click here).

What does the SSO plugin practically offer?

Either a user wants to login, sign up or reset password they will be redirected to your WordPress site. Let’s see this in pictures

1When a user finds your school and wants to sign in, they are immediately redirected to the login/sign up page of your WordPress site and they have to sign in from there.


2When a user wants to sign up in your school, they are immediately redirected to the login/sign up page of your WordPress site and have to register from there

3Again, when a user wants to reset password in your school, they are immediately redirected to your WordPress site.

4As we described with the examples above, users are directed immediately to your school through an SSO link in your WordPress site without having to log in again. Once logged in to your WordPress site they are already connected to the school as well! Or any of your school pages.

How can I connect my WordPress site with my school?

The connection between these two sites is done manually with the use of your custom urls (eg. courses, checkout pages etc.) that work as links. Note that, if you change your domain name, you have to re-enter those links. So it is advisable that before creating the necessary connections with your WordPress site, you set your custom domain in your school.  

1You can use SSO links from your WordPress site to any of your school pages, which you can place practically anywhere using the shortcode provided. An example of a shortcode might be

[learnworlds-sso-link url="http://myschool.learnworlds.com" text="Login to school" logged-in-text="Go to school"]

2You can create menu items in your site (with LearnWorlds endpoints menu items provided by the plugin). Suppose you want to add your new course as a menu item in your site. Here is how to do that:

  • In WordPress go to dashboard and from the menu select “appearance” and then “menus”. 

  • In the “Add menu items” section choose “Learnworlds endpoints” end tick the “SSO link” box.


  • In the “Menu structure” section insert the name you want to give to your item and the public URL of your course, which you can find in the “access” tab in your Learnworlds author page. 

Here is where you find the public URL of your course: 

The menu item will then appear in the place you have selected and your members will have immediate access to your new course. 

3You can add a school link with the SSO widget provided with the plugin.

What are the benefits from this plugin?

1The LearnWorlds SSO plugin improves the browsing experience of your students, by taking away the need to create new accounts or re-enter an email and password in both your WordPress and LearnWorlds site.

2Every time a registered LearnWorlds user changes their email in their WordPress profile, the plugin updates that email to the LearnWorlds database as well, keeping the two neatly synced.

3The plugin also supports WooCommerce and allows your website to use the default account management pages that are installed by the WooCommerce plugin.

How can I activate this plugin in my school?

You can now connect your website’s login with LearnWorlds for a seamless browsing experience without the need to have a technical team at your side all the time. However, this plugin requires a Learning Center Plan and above which includes SSO/API integration with LearnWorlds. 

Still, you will need to contact the LearnWorlds support to receive the API credentials. LearnWorlds’ Customer Success is always here to help with the integration, questions, and issues you might encounter along the way.