If you are offering corporate training and you wish to keep courses unpublished or your educational program includes premium courses for a specific learners’ group, we suggest creating Private Courses.

But first, shall we introduce the features of a LearnWorlds private course?

Private courses are an option of LearnWorlds’ Pro Trainer plan or above and are practically “hidden” courses accessible only to users that have been explicitly enrolled in them. This type of course remains unpublished in your course catalogue.

Let’s see the procedure on how to create Private courses!

Navigate to Courses:

and select “Create Course”:

In the pop-up wizard, you may define the title of your course. 

Then you’ll be able to modify the course’s URL.

“Next” you can set the course’s access type to Private. 

The following step configures the course card by adding an image and a description.

In the last step of the course creation, you can configure the drip-feed option. Once you are ready click on “Finish”.

The new course will be available for further editing and content development.

Now you may design the course page according to your preferences and develop the course contents. The following articles can assist you, as they describe the above procedures in detail!

Course layout page

Using Sections to organize your course content

Learning Units supported in LearnWorlds

Now you have a completed course that is not listed in your course catalog but will be available for the learners you’ll invite by enrolling them.

To find out more on the manual enrollment procedure, we suggest checking our relevant support article:

Manually enroll a learner to a Course

Kindly note that the enrolled learners will receive the automated email with the course link, you’ve set up in the enrollment notification settings, inviting them to start studying!