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How to Edit your Topbar Navigation Menu/Buttons

Navigate to Site BuilderEdit School Site and click on Edit School Topbar

Premade topbar menu buttons

For your convenience, LearnWorlds has created premade button links, that you can drag and drop in your topbar. You can find all the settings for the premade button links by clicking on the Header widget section, choose the button link you are interested in, and drag and drop it above by clicking on the 4 small dots. You can position the buttons anywhere you want and if you want to remove a button, either a premade or a custom one, click on the bin icon.

Custom buttons

If you have a different strategy in your mind and you want to create unique buttons that do not already exist, you can create custom buttons. Click on the + icon and:

1. Rename the text in the new menu button by clicking on "Menu Link".

2. Edit the button's link, by clicking on the pencil icon.

3. For more information on the redirections/links you can add, check this article.

You can also create submenu links in order to minimalize the appearance of your topbar and make it more attractive. The process is quite the same as the main buttons! If you want to add a submenu button, click on the + plus icon next to the pencil, and then edit the content for each sub-menu button.

Button Layout

After you have created your topbar buttons and links, you have reached the step where you can edit the layout of the menu! You can choose between the following choices and customize your buttons as you like!

Note: You can find out more about the Topbar settings (how to add your logo or widgets) and the Hamburger menu by navigating to our respective article.

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