Have you forgotten your password? Would you like to just change it regularly for safety reasons?

Please find your user category and follow the instructions:

Login/Sign up form

1 Any user can reset their password by clicking on the “Forgot your password” button found on the Login form.

2After doing so, a new form will pop up, where the users will have to add their email, in order to receive the reset password link.

3In the received email there will be a link to the reset password form.

Note: This email notification can be edited by navigating from the main menu to Settings->Notification emails -> Registration emails only by the Administator(s) of the platform.

After clicking on the link the user will be redirected to the new password form, from where, after adding the new password, will be automatically logged in to the school.

Reset Password through Users page

Admins can reset their own or other users’ passwords, by navigating to the Learners page and clicking on the “Reset password” option, at each user’s account.

After that, the user will receive the password reset email notification and the steps to complete this process will be the same as if they had clicked “Forgot your password?” (see above , no 3). This option is only available for admins.

Profile Page

All users, apart from the admins with a LW account, are able to also change their password through their Profile page, by clicking on “Edit” and then by selecting the “Change password” tab in the pop-up window.

Note: If you are an admin with a LW account and wish to change your email too then please contact us (support@learnworlds.com)

*Admin with LW account, shown in Users page*