Some of the ways to increase your conversion rates is to collect leads and be available to provide the needed information to the users that have doubts or questions before subscribing to your school or before purchasing a course. Both of these methods can be achieved through a page that usually does not get much credit, however is one of the most viewed in a website: Contact Page

In case you do not wish to dedicate a whole page as a point of contact, you can just add a Contact Form in any of your school’s Pages (i.e.About Us page)

All the sent messages though a contact form can be received in your preferable email address by navigating to Notifications -> Admin settings

Add the email where you wish to receive the contact form's messages and Save the change.  ;)

Well done!

You can also add your email and phone details next to the contact form. 

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the visitor could just click on your email address or phone number on your top bar and have their mail or dial client activated, with your address or phone number already filled in?

To do this for the email address:

1Select it and click on the OnClick Actions option, to see the Link Manager.

2Select “Email Link” and type in your email address:

Don’t forget to click “OK”! 

If you need more information on our Links Manager check this article here.

To do the same for your phone number: 

1select your phone number and click on “Insert HTML code” from the formatting bar.

2Delete the text inside the pop up window and paste this code instead (after changing the phone number in the code to yours):

<a href="tel:+18558999555">+18558999555</a>

Finally, click “Save” on the top of the page! Now if a visitor clicks on your email or your phone number, the respective app will open on their computer. 

For example, clicking on the email opens my default email app (it’s called “Thunderbird”, it can be “Mail” by Apple on your Mac) with the address “” already chosen as the recipient email address. 

If you want to do the same for the email address and phone number on your topbar, click here.

And that's it! Setting up your contact form is super important and couldn't be easier.