Sales, statistics, learners, their progress, certificates too much information to be monitored manually for each course...

Why don't we take a closer look at LearnWorlds’ Course Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the last tab of each course page in the admin menu:

In the top left part of the Dashboard, you can monitor the course’s Revenue for the last 7, 30, and 60 days

as well as Product sales for the same periods

You also can overview in a glimpse, statistics of our course: total number of users (includes admins and instructors), new users, and the currently active ones.

In the second line, a small clock indicates the total time spent on the course by all users, the course’s revenue, and sales count.

The lower part of the Dashboard, displays a preview of Latest Users, Assignments, Latest Exams, Assignments submitted, Certifications awarded as well as Sales

For all the above categories of information, you may discover more by clicking on the “see all” button.

“See all” in the Latest users, will direct you to a list of the learners enrolled in the course

Selecting “See all” in Assignment will open the relative page where you can overview the Ungraded and Graded submissions"

In Certifications, “See all” directs you to the Certifications page, where you can also download the certificates awarded for your records.

And in Sales, the “See more”, opens a detailed list of sales for various time periods and an export to Excel option.

Also, we should mention that at the lower part of the Dashboard and next to the Latest Exams a “Gradebook” button is displayed.

that directs you to the Gradebook menu with an overview of each learner’s progress. Here you may also modify the score for exams, assignments, and certificates by simply clicking on the relative score box.

You can find more about our amazing Gradebook feature here

Course Dashboard offers all the tools required to monitor learners and sales performance. 

Now all that is required is your attention to details!