There might come a moment when one of your users will have changed their mind after purchasing one of your courses and would like to ask for a refund.

Although a refund cannot take place through LearnWorlds, we can show you the steps to overcome this difficulty.

Initially, regardless of the Payment Gateway that has been connected to your school , proceed to the un-enrollment of the user from the course which will be refunded to them.


1 If Stripe is your school’s Payment Gateway, then in your Stripe account navigate to the Dashboard 

2 In the Payments page , click on the three dots icon(•••) on the right of the payment and select “Refund payment...”.

3 By default the system will have ready the details for a full refund however you have the ability to also partially refund the payment.

4You will have to choose a reason for the refund 

Note: In case you select “Other”, you must provide an explanatory note that is attached to the refund.

After having added all the needed info click on “Refund” button. 

Please remember that the refund will appear in customer’s statement after 5-10 days.

Depending of the refund type, the respective tag will be added to each payment

You have also the ability to verify the refund details  by clicking on the respective payment in the payment list.

In the case of a partial refund you will be able to refund more money (if you are requested to, by your customer) just by following the same steps or by clicking on “Refund more” 


If you have connected your school with Paypal, then you can also refund a specific payment either within 180 Days of Payment or 180 Days after the transaction. 

Refunding Within 180 Days of Payment

1 Log into your PayPal business account.

2 Open the Summary page and in Recent Activity panel click on the “Payments received” link.

3 Click on the payment to be refunded in order to open the Transaction Details page opens.

4 Click on the “Issue a refund” button.

5Add the amount to be refunded in the “Refund Amount”, a note to the Buyer to let the buyer know the reason for the refund and then click on “the Continue”button.

Note: If there is no “Issue refund” option next to the payment, that probably means that the payment is not refundable since there have passed more than 180 days after the transaction.

Refunding After 180 Days

1 In the “Tools” drop down menu select  the “Send Money” option

2 Click on “ Send money to friends and family.”

3 After adding the needed info of the account to which you wish to send the refund, click on “Next”.

4 Add the desired refund amount and a note informing about the purpose of the transaction, then click “Send” to complete the refund.

Although the above steps are pretty simple, we hope that  will not be needed for your future course sellings, but if so don’t worry, this doesn't mean that your school is not still rocking!