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How to Review and Save your Questions on your Computer

As a course author who uses LearnWorlds, you might need to review and export questions from Quizzes, Exams, Assignments, and Certificates. In this article, you can see how this works step by step.

Navigate to the course you want and select the Contents tab. Hover over the learning activity you wish to review and click on Edit questions.

On the Topbar of all types of questionnaire learning activities (Quiz, Exam, Assignment, Certificate), you will find the Review button. Once you click on it, a new window will pop up with a list of the questions you have created.

In this way, you can review all types of questions on one single page.

If you wish, you can select all the content, copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it into a Word file (Ctrl + V), so all your Questionnaires can be saved on your computer.

Note: You can find out more on the Questionnaires we offer in our respective article.

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