At last, you are ready to share your knowledge with your new students! Your courses are filled with your precious material and you have opened the doors of your school to the newbies! But what if you do not wish to demonstrate every hot page or application to those still unsure if they are interested in purchasing your courses? How can you control the movement of the un-enrolled learners that enter your school? Once more, we have the answer to your questions right here!

1 First, go to your Settings and choose Navigation.


2 Take a look at the second section in your Navigation settings page and check out the new options you now have through the “Lock Un-enrolled users” settings.

Now you can specify whether the users of your school that have made no purchases so far (un-enrolled to courses) will be able to navigate inside your school, freely to any pages or not. 

3 Choose the first option  “Un-enrolled users can navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free course contents” and let anyone taste your school's wonderful benefits, your free courses, the Community feature etc. Afterall, generosity is your middle name! ;)

4 Ok.. freedom is sweet, have spent much time and effort to create your school, so naturally you want to restrain un-enrolled users from strolling around your pages freely. Select “ Un-enrolled users are redirected to the following page once they log in” and decide through the drop-down menu where will the non-paying users be redirected. Since these users, will not have access to any purchasable course, they can be sent to a page that will lure them to buy one of your products.  It can be to one of your pages, to a course or even a bundle. NOTE: Do not use this option if you offer free courses because your users will not have access to them since they are non-paying users.

As you see, once more the control of your school is in your hands!