After a certificate has been issued, all the details of the user and the respective course that the certificate is affiliated to, appear to the Reports Center → Exams → Certifications of your school.

Here, you can check out your users’ Avatar, their Username, the Course they have completed and for which the certificate was awarded, the Date of the event, the Type of the certificate, a PDF copy of it, the number of Attempts, and the final Score. Furthermore, on the Manage tab, you can choose to delete the certificate. 

Υou can also apply different filters to make your navigation to the page easier and export the Data in csv or xls format file.

Now, you know everything about how to create a Certificate for your courses and also how to make sure that your users can sufficiently share it with the rest of the world. Certificates can act as a sense of accomplishment for your students, yourself, and most importantly, draw other students online to join your school community as well.