Giving your customers the option to purchase your courses through an installment plan will give them a more flexible way to organize their payment and at the same time have access to your valuable content.

You can now create your own installment plan button through your PayPal payment gateway, let us show you how.

1Open the PayPal button creation page.

In this step you basically login to your PayPal account and locate the Create PayPal payment button page.

2Enter payment details.

Add the course/service you are selling, set a tracking number or change your currency.

3Installment Plan information.

This is where you can offer buyers one or more plan options with a single button. For any plan option, the first payment can be collected at checkout or deferred. Plan options can have up to 4 payments of equal or varying amounts.

After buyers agree to a plan option during checkout, PayPal makes the payments automatically on the schedule you set. All payments must be made within one year of checkout. You can include tax and shipping in the total amount, but do not include interest.

In particular you can:

-  Allow a customer to pay in full

- Let a customer pay equal payments at regular intervals

- Let a customer pay a variable payment at irregular intervals

4Customize button text and appearance.

You can change the appearance and text of the default PayPal button or you can enter a URL to use your own button image.

5Find your button code.

Find and copy the code for the new button you have just created so you can then add it in your Learnworld.

6Paste your button code to your Learnworlds page

a. Access the page you want to add the button to (usually a course page) and select the element or button (already added from our templates) you want to change into your PayPal one. Then select the "Insert HTML code and paste the code in the box. 

In the new window that opens, Hit "update to be able to see and further edit your new button.

b. Or you can add your button in a new template if you prefer by including an embed template like shown below.

Paste your code in the embed template and hit save.

This is how your PayPal Installment button could look:

*You can find sample PayPal Installment button codes in this page.

Note: If you wish to take your customers back to your school after PayPal Checkout page, add to the PayPal buttons as a return URL, your school's landing page URL (which will be accessible to logged out users too). Please find the respective instructions to achieve that,  here (par. no 6)

Easy wasn't it?

Now all you have to do is, once you see that you have received a payment from a learner, go ahead and manually enroll them into the relevant course.