Take ownership of your own online school and customize it to suit your brand, message, and customers. You can either choose fonts from our list or upload your own font ( available for our Learning Center plans and higher).

No need for any technical skills or design, we take care of it for you. You only need to decide which fonts suit you best and implement them!

1Navigate to "Site Builder” - “Theme Explorer”  and click on “Typography”:

2There you are able to choose the font families you wish to use and even add more, by clicking on “Add another font family”. You can add up to 5 more font families to use them inside your pages.

You can choose from the “Most Popular” list of fonts or by “Alphabetical” order:

For our Learning Center customers and above, we offer the ability to upload your own custom fonts (.woff, .woff2, .ttf file format) by navigating to the “Upload” tab and clicking on Upload:

3You can also change the basic Headings and Main text sizes, or click on “Advanced Typography” to have full control of the typography of your site template.

Here you can adjust the font size of each heading and main text element, and clicking on “More properties” you can control the:

  • Font family
  • Font size (px)
  • Line height (em)
  • Letter spacing (px)
  • Opacity
  • Font weight
  • Text Transform (capitalize or uppercase) of each text element. 

Advanced typography doesn’t work dynamically, to allow you to further fine-tune each text widget.

That's it!