From the perspective of a learner, it is important to make sure that a course you are planning to enroll to, will be worth your time and money. And what a better way to verify that your expectations will be met than reading former learners' testimonials. Let's see then how you can gather all your learners' feedback and showcase it for the rest of the world to see:

1 Login to your Google drive account and create a new Google Form.

2 When you have created your custom form click on the "Send" button on the top right of your editing page.

3 On the "Send Form" window select the embed icon ( < > ) and click on "Copy".

4 Go to the course and section you want to add the form to, click first on  "Add an activity" and then on "Embed".

5 After inserting the title of the new learning unit and hitting on the "Save" button, hover over it and click on the "Settings" button.

6 In the window that opens insert the Title of your embed unit, paste the embed HTML code and click “Save”.

This is how your form will look to your learners.

7 Once you have gathered your responses go to your "Site Builder"-> ''Edit School Site'' in your admin menu.

8 To insert a new testimonial template in your Home page you simply have to hover over the sections and click on + Add Section

From there choose the "Persons and Quotes" category and pick the template you'd prefer. For this example, we use the template highlighted below. However, note that it's up to you to customize your "Landing Page" the way you'd like.

This is how your testimonial zone will look to your school visitors.

Now everyone will know that you mean business!