Your checkout page is one of the most crucial pages of your school: it is in this page that your potential customer will finally provide his/her billing details and confirm that purchase you worked so hard for. We know that getting someone to give his credit card info is not easy. So it is highly important that you make this page as informative, as frictionless and as trustworthy as possible. Any mistake here can scare this customer away.

LearnWorlds helps you take your Checkout page to the next level by giving you complete control over its contents, look and feel. Now, using our Pages Builder and the power of our ready-made templates, you can transform your checkout page into a well-oiled sales machine.

In this article you will learn how you can customize and edit your Checkout Page in a few simple steps:

1Go to All Pages --> Checkout Page from your admin menu.

2You will then find yourself in the editing mode of your school's Checkout page where you can customize every element as you wish. To insert a new template in your Checkout page you simply have to click on the plus icon (+) on the far right of your screen to expand the extra options menu. From there make sure that the "Add block" tab is selected, and choose the template you prefer depending on your needs.

3 For example, you may want to add a testimonial zone which you can insert by clicking on the "Testimonials" element category and by selecting one of the three templates.

Here is how your Checkout Page will look:

For more examples take a look at our relevant article.

That was easy, wasn't it? Now you can fully customize your Checkout Page and let your potential customers know that you mean secure-business!