The Site Builder offers plenty of editor features for you to create the most stunning pages. In this article, we are going to learn how to create links within our home page's sections. 

1 Navigate to “Site Builder” - “Edit School Site”.

2 Υou can choose which page you would like to edit by clicking on "Manage all pages":

3For this article, we will choose the Home page to elaborate further :)

4Now, to the most interesting and creative part, you can select the element you wish to create a link to, and click on the "Actions" option in the right settings panel.  

5 In the panel that opens, select the dropdown option next to the option" Go to", and choose the link you want to use, and specify its destination accordingly. 

6As soon as you are done with your editing, click the" Save" button to create the link. 

7 To see your changes, simply click on the "Preview" button or if you want to test the Navigational process through your users' end, you can create a test user account, as explained in detail in this article:

To check the available links in detail, you can check the following Support article -> How to use the innovative Site Builder (Links / On-click actions)