With Google Forms, you can create and analyze surveys right in your web browser - no special software is required. Even better, multiple people can work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically. Whip up a quick opinion poll, create a pop quiz, and much more. And what is even better is that you can add it right into a course.

Let's see how:

Adding an anonymous survey in your course

1Once you have created your Google form, go ahead and visit the course you want to add your form into and add an "External link" learning unit.

2Find the link of your Google Form: on the top right of your Google Form click on send, select the second option (under the link icon) in the pop-up window and copy the URL of the form: 

then paste it into the relevant box in the external link learning unit; don't forget to scroll down and hit Save!

3Now your learners will be able to answer your survey right from within the course player.

Asking your users' feedback during a course

Now let's see how you can automatically populate user information in the Google Form, such as their email address, username, or the course they are filling the Google Form on. This is useful if, for instance, you want to ask your users for their feedback.

1Select the three dots on the top right and then "Get pre-filled link": 

2In the new tab that opens, your form can be filled in; we are going to add variables that will populate the user's information from the LearnWorlds platform to the Google Form. The available variables are: 

For instance:

Scroll down and click the "Get link" option. The link will look something like this: 


3You will then need to replace every %7B occurrence with a curly bracket { and every %7D occurrence with a } bracket. The link will now look like this: 


4Paste this link in an external learning unit activity as explained above and Preview the learning unit.

5Magic happens! The user's information (in this case the email and the ID of the course) are automatically populated in the Google Form and will be included in the Responses you will receive. 

6In case you want to collect some learner feedback which you can then demonstrate for the world to see, you can simply choose the course in which you would like to insert a quote/testimonial and add a "Persons & Quotes" template anywhere you want on the course layout/description page.

Paste the text you want and show everyone how much people love to be part of your school community and how engaging your content is.

Social proof is a hugely important factor for convincing potential customers to buy your courses. You can now improve the credibility of your courses by adding testimonials from satisfied customers that praise your work.

That's it! You can now collect feedback from your students, conduct surveys or collect other details and your students won't even have to leave