Create and share coupon codes to increase your sales. Offer discounts to your courses by % or $ amount, set expiry dates, track the use of coupons.

-Go to Marketing tools -> Course Promotions

Here is a sneak preview of the page:

-Each promotion can have one or several coupons and it is appplied to a bunch of paid course (free courses cannot be assigned to a promotion). Each coupon has a code and it is valid for a certain amount of time. For each promotion you can see how many coupons it includes, the date each coupon expires, how many of them are already used by your learners, the discount and the courses it is applied to. You can delete or edit any of the promotions anytime.

-To create a new promotion press the "Create course promotion" button of the topbar and the following sideform will show up.

-Fill the fields of the form, select the courses assigned to the promotion (they have to be paid courses as mentioned before) and create the coupons for the promotion. Do not forget to press "Create coupon" each time you create a new coupon. When you are done, press "Save" to save your new promotion.

-Do you want to know how your learners can take advantage of those coupons? They have to apply the coupon code (this is sent by you to them) inside the payment form when they are ready to purchase a new course. Remember that the codes are case sensitive, which means that they will have to paste them exactly as they see it.