Wouldn't it be nice to add your tweets in your DailyNews newspaper? After all, this might be valuable content that you can share with your students. Turns out this can be easily done using a third party tool that converts the tweets of a Twitter account to an RSS source that you can easily plug in to your LearnWorld's newspaper. To achieve this follow these easy steps.

1 Visit https://twitrss.me/ and insert your twitter account (or any twitter account) in the "Twitter User" field. Click "Fetch RSS".

2 Copy the generated URL -> https://twitrss.me/twitter_user_to_rss/?user=LearnWorlds (replace LearnWorlds with the Twitter account you want)

3 Follow the process which is described in this Article: How to create your own DailyNews live newspaper to incorporate this new RSS feed to your LearnWorld.

Piece of cake, right?