In LearnWorlds you can organize your courses by categories. This helps students easily filter through your catalogue and locate their desired content.  

Course categories are visible both on your LearnWorlds After Login page, as well as in the external public course catalogue of your Home page.

1 To assign an existing or a new course to a category just go to the course page and click on the "Settings" tab for the course. Locate the "Categories" field, type a category and press enter. You can also select from existing categories if they have been previously entered. 

2When you are done adding categories, click on the "Save" button.

3 A new category has been created in the Categories menu and the course has been assigned to it. To ensure that the filters are showing on the Course Catalogue section, you need to select that the filters are displaying. Hover over the section and click on 'Edit course cards':

4 Under the "Courses" tab, make sure that the "Display filters' option is selected. Don't forget to click on "Save".

5Select a category to view the course you just added to that category.

And you are done!