The new site builder makes it easy for you to create your own section layouts. 

1To get started, click “Add Section” from the site editor.

2Choose “Build Your Own Layout” at the bottom of the menu. 

3Select a blank template from the available options. The blank templates use blocks and percentages to represent the columns within a section. 

4Choosing a template will drop it onto a page.

We will start by building a few sections together... 

Hero Section:

In the first example, we will create a Hero Section so users can enroll in our course. We can start by selecting a blank layout from the library. 

Next, we will utilize the widgets feature to add an Overline, Heading, and Text box to our template. 

A video can be included in the left column that highlights our course features.  You may select one from our course library. 

Finally, no hero section is complete without a sign-up button.  

We will need to include an Onclick action to link the button to our payment page.

Video Testimonial section:

In the second example, we will use the Build Your Own Layout feature to create a video testimonial section for our page. Video testimonials are an excellent way to promote a course and grab a user's attention. 

We will start with a basic template and then add a video from the widget library. 

Next, we will need to include a heading and text box to finalize our section’s first column. 

We can build our second and third testimonial by utilizing the replicate column button located on the right side of the template. 

Now, that we’ve built our layout, we can begin to populate the video and text content of each column. 

Video Gallery section:

For the final example, we will use a blank template to create a video gallery with a brief description.

 We will select a layout and add a gallery widget in the column on the right.

Each gallery square can be populated with video from our library. 

Also, we will add a heading and some text to the gallery, letting users know what they should expect from the videos. 

Lastly, there comes a time when you want to create your own layout widget within an existing section. It is possible as well. 

1You simply need to click on the “+Add a widget” button.

2Click on the “Build your Layout” button and select a blank template from the available options. The blank templates use blocks and percentages to represent the widgets within a section. 

3Click on the “+Add a widget” button and add a widget. 

4Save your changes.

As you can see, it is easy to build any of LearnWorld’s existing templates using this feature. No matter what you are trying to create, the new site builder makes it possible in just a few clicks. :)