Social proof is a very powerful psychological concept that eases the mind of visitors into taking action without hesitation, resulting in increased conversions. Many expert marketers use that to their advantage. 

Do you want your online business to have a busy-store feeling to attract other visitors to your business? You can utilize ProveSource with your LearnWords school. ProveSource harnesses social proof and turns website traffic, sales, and data into relatable insights.

In this article, you can find out more about how to add ProveSource to your LearnWorlds school. 

1 Log into your ProveSource account ( ), click on “Install” and ”HTML”: 

2 Grab your ProveSourse snippet:

3 Go to Site Builder -> Custom Code:

4 Choose whether to show ProveSource to logged in or logged out users, and place your ProveSource code inside the respective code box:

5 Don't forget to click on “Update” and save your changes!

6 Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Webhooks:

7 Activate the webhook option you'd like to work with your ProveSource notification and insert your ProveSource notification webhook URL.