As a school administrator, you offer subscriptions (via Stripe payment gateway) so you might have to provide instructions to learners on canceling an active subscription.

How can your learners cancel their subscription in your online school?

The following article can assist you, as we describe the procedure in details.

Kindly ask from the learner to log into your school and select the upper right icon with the account’s image or avatar.

Then click on the “Your account” option.

On this menu, the learner will find a “Cancel Subscription” button

and when clicked, a pop-up message appears for confirmation.

If the learner proceeds, then the “Your Account” page will display a button for the optional reactivation of the same subscription plan or choose another one by clicking the "change" button.

Kindly note cancellation results in the automatic un-enrollment of the learners from the courses included in a subscription plan.