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How to Update your LearnWorlds Account Payment Methods

To update your LearnWorld's account payment methods:

1. Navigate to My account → Account & Billing.

2. Click on Add a Billing Method.

3. Select to pay:

a. Via Credit card. Insert your card's information and click Add. We support Visa and Mastercard cards. Some Discover cards may not be supported.

b. Via PayPal (American Express cards can be used via PayPal). Click on PayPal checkout and connect to your PayPal account or create one.

By clicking on PayPal checkout a pop window shows up, prompting you to connect your PayPal account to LearnWorlds. This is a pop-up page, so make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser.


  • If you have multiple schools and you update your payment method to one of them, all schools will be affected. 
  • If you want to change your plan (upgrade/downgrade) and you want to change your Billing Details you should do it from the Billing Details tab under Account & Billing. Billing details can only be changed on the checkout page if you are buying a new subscription or an addon feature. 

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