There are many different styles of schools and even within them, there are many different styles of courses. Even though your school's brand should be promiment everywhere in your site, there is no harm in indulging yourself with some beautiful templates that will perfectly flatter your courses' layout page.

Learnworlds offers a wide variety of customizable options that you can use to give the index of your course's content a breath of fresh air. Before showing you those templates, let us show you how you can set them up.

Note: The settings below are optional and will work for selected templates. Adding descriptions and pictures to your sections and/or pictures to your learning activities isn't needed to add the following templates.

Also, kindly note that sections that have been set in “Draft” and “Soon” modes will not be visible to your users.


By navigating to the "Contents" tab of your courses and clicking on the highlighted button, a new side-menu appears:

In the following side-menu there are two fields:

a In this field, you can add a description for the "Your Contents" templates. This description will not be visible for every template,

b Here, you can add a picture for the said section that will appear in selected templates. You can do that by clicking on the "Select" button:

When you have finished, don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save all the changes.

Learning Activities

Furthermore, you can have individual pictures for your learning activities as well. To do that, hover over a learning activity and then click on the "Settings" tab as shown below:

In the side-menu that appears, you will have to hover down a bit and click on the "Select" button as shown below:

Lastly, don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save all the changes.

Course's Content Templates

Below you will find a short overview of all the course's contents templates that we have created for our platform. Using any of the following templates you can make your course's Layout page really unique and practical to your students.

Also, there is the option to add a new contents template by hovering your mouse over the [+] icon on the upper right corner of the screen and then clicking on the “Course Contents” creation as shown below:

Let's start!

1 This is the default option, the "original" Your Contents template of the platform. It's a simple yet practical design, allowing your users to quickly find all the information they need. It is a great choice for every kind of school you have in mind.

2 For all of you that would prefer a dark background to the default option shown above, you can use the following template instead. It has the exact same functionality as the previous template, except it is a dark alternative.

3 If your school is mostly focused on the use of photographs and videos, or even if it's not focused on these subjects but still you would like to personalize the contents of your course, the next template is for you. By supporting a unique picture for each learning unit, your course will look modern and fresh while your learners will be able to quickly tell apart the learning units with a quick look.

Note: Do you see the number of the sections and the label on the upper right corner of the template? Well, this is the color that appears when your users hover over a section of your course. You can easily change their color by navigating to "Appearance" --> "Logo & Colors" and changing the Main Color for your entire school. You can find more information on how to do that by clicking here: Logo & Colors Page

4 This template is similar to the previous one except adding an extra focus to the pictures that you have uploaded for your learning units.

5 For the following template, we return to the simple lists but with added designing elements.

6 This template is identical to the one above, only without the numbering of the sections included:

7 In this template, you can also see that your sections can now have descriptions of their own. You can add more information regarding what will be the focus of each section in your school. Also, in the right side of each section there is an arrow that gives the option to your users to expand the list or compress it. Lastly, this template gives you the option to change its background color by clicking on the color picker on the upper left corner.

8 The following template sports a similar look as the one before allowing you to change the background color as well as add a description to your course's sections. It doesn't give the option to your users to expand the list though.

9 This template gives a quick summary of all the learning units while compressed and a list of the contents when expanded. It's great for heavy-packed courses with numerous learning activities.

10 For this template, you can use a different picture for each section. When your users hover over the section, a list of the contents is revealed. On the left side, there is a overview of all the available learning activities included in the course. Your course's sections will continue towards the right side. Your users can navigate to them by clicking on the arrows available.

11 The last template has the same design as the previous one minus the pictures.

As you can see, there is a course's contents template for all. Either you want to focus on pictures or you would like to have a practical and compact look for quick navigation, Learnworlds has you covered!