With LearnWorlds, all your courses can be viewed in compact, easy-to-understand course cards for your users to see. Once a potential user finds your school homepage, this is how your courses will appear to them:

Pretty neat, right? Now let's see how you can update all of our course cards.

1 First, navigate to the course you want to change. As soon as you click on the course, you are redirected to the Layout tab as shown below.

2 Then, click on the Settings tab on the top of your screen.

3 The Settings page includes all the settings available for your course. For now, we are only going to change the preview image of your course card.

4 To change the image of your course card, click on the “Upload” button as shown below and then choose your desired image.

As you can see, the image changes in your course card as soon as soon as you upload it.

5 Next, you can also change the Title of your course, the Description, Add a Labeladd the Author’s Name, as well as the Author’s Avatar.

6 After you have completed all of your changes, don't forget to click on the "Save" button on the top of the screen.

And just like that, you have changed your Course's Preview Card and main description!