More than a feature, a revolutionary tool for developing the homepage of your LearnWorlds. But you can also use it to create new pages for every need of your school, from sales pages, to team, pricing and contact pages. 

Amazing ease-of-use, stunning results.

Here are some instructions for you, so that you won't experience any weird results when previewing your pages created in Pages Builder:

- Be sure, when creating pages in pages builder, to disable all browser plugins (grammarly for example). These pluggins automatically add code into your page, and when you save your page, the plugin's code is also saved with your texts. Due to this "invisible" code, many weird problems may arise on the layout.

- We also strongly suggest not to upload inline images when creating your pages. While your pages will probably look more eye-catching, you should remember that the layout is changed when the page is viewed through a mobile device and usually those inline images cause many layout issues (no responsive rules can be configured for them). We offer many ready-to-use responsive templates that include images by default and can help you build beautiful pages in seconds without similar worries. :-)

- In general, do not copy and paste text from another source without ensuring that the text is unformatted. i.e. When you copy text from MS Word, the pasted text carries a lot of formatted info. Although we do our tricks and remove most of the unnecessary formatting, there is a strong possibility that formatting rules may still remain in your text. This is exactly what happens when sometimes you see the font-sizes and the font-family of your page a little bit strange. The most secure way is to copy the text firstly to a simple text editor (notepad for example, which automatically removes the formatting info) and then re-copy and paste the text into your page.

- If you want to use background video templates, please make sure that you do not add a lot of text. Video templates are more difficult to become responsive and it would be a good idea to double check them after editing them.