The Pages Builder offers plenty of editor features for you to create the most stunning pages.

In this article we are going to learn how to create and customize the top bar of your pages.

The Top bar is the first part of all your pages that users see before logging in to your school. You can add your logo and a menu with custom links.

1) Go to Pages Builder --> Top bar in your admin menu.

2) To insert a new top bar template in your pages you simply have to click on the arrow on the far right of your screen to expand the extra options menu.

From there make sure that the "Insert element" tab is selected, and hover your mouse over "Top Bars" to choose the one you prefer.

3) To insert a logo simply click on "Your Logo" and upload your image logo.

Once you add your logo, you can adjust it through the panel that appears.

4) In order to change the background color of a template you simply have to click on its color picker on the far left and choose the desired color.

4) In this step you can add links to your top bar and change their name tabs accordingly.

Click on the element you wish to insert a link to and then select the paper clip icon.

Choose where the link will redirect the user, in the window that appears.

To further see how you can add links to elements simply follow this link :

Change the name of your top bar's tabs by clicking on them and typing the desired text.

5) Don't forget to click on the "Save changes" button otherwise your changes will be discarded.

To see your changes, simply click on the "Preview page" button.