Registration emails

  • On sign up

When a user creates a new account you can send him/her a welcome email. Just click the "On sign up" box and customize the Subject and the Content which the new learners will receive when they register at your LearnWorlds school.

  • When a user is imported or added by the admin 

As an Admin you have the right to manually create a user account, by entering a Full Name and an e-mail for the user. When this process is done, your LearnWorlds school can send a notification message to the user's email address, asking him/her to enter a password for the newly created account.


  • On password reset

When a user has forgotten his/her password, or just want to change it, he/she may click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link that can be found at the school's login form.


In this case, your LearnWorlds school will send an email, prompting the user to change his/her password. 

  • When a password is reset

When the above process for resetting the password has been successfully finished, your LearnWorlds school can notify the user to sign in again using the new password.