Instructor accounts are very handy for larger training organizations that need to distribute the workload among their staff or for online schools that operate as marketplaces, bringing in external trainers and collaborators and sharing the revenue of course sales. 

Instructor accounts have full authoring control over one or more courses but they don't have access to any of the general platform settings, sales records or student records that don't belong to that particular courses. Note that for security reasons Instructors can author a course, set a selling price and publish it but they can't create a new course in the first place (the school admin can create one or more empty draft courses for them and assign them as instructors)

Here is how you can convert a plain user account to an Instructor account with just a few clicks.

1) Login as Administrator and click on the "Instructors" tab at the admin menu

2) Then, in the page that appears, click the "Add Instructor: button. A form appears

3) In the "select user" field, start typing: @Username (and select the user you prefer from the auto-complete field below). Make sure that the user you select is not admin (Admin accounts cannot be assigned as Instructors, since they are already authors to all courses).

4) From the drop down menu, select the course in which, the user will become an instructor

5) If the instructor gets a share of the course revenue, then you can also specify his/her percentage. Otherwise you can leave it to zero. (as we will do in this case). Note that the revenue share percentages are just for calculations: revenue is being automatically distributed to instructors. 

6) After you have selected the user, the course and added the percentage, simply click on the "Add" button.

7) Congratulations! You've just created your first Instructor account in your LearnWorlds site.

You are done!