In your LearnWorlds site you have two options for your main video storage:

  1. you can use LearnWorlds' internal video storage. This means that all videos that you will upload in your private video collection will be securely stored by LearnWorlds
  2. or you can use your own Vimeo Pro account. This option is particularly useful for trainers and organizations that have existing large video collections and wouldn't like to re-upload their videos. You can directly use plug in your vimeo account and everything you upload from within your LearnWorlds site will be stored in your own vimeo account

Here is how you can set up which video storage option you want to use, in a few easy steps.

1) Log in to your LearnWorld with an administrator account. Select "Settings" --> "Site Settings" at the admin menu.

2) Click on "Video Settings" at the top bar.

3) If you prefer to use Learnworlds storage for your videos just select the Learnworlds button and click "Save Changes"

4) If you prefer to use your own storage provider select the Vimeo button and click "Connect"

5) If you are not already connected you will have to log in with your vimeo account. Give access to your LearnWorld to use your vimeo account as a repository by clicking on the "Allow" button.

6) Now you will be redirected back to your LearnWorld. Just click "Save Changes"

Now you are ready to start uploading. Here is a article showing how you can Upload Video Direct From Your Computer

You are done!