After you finalized the authoring of your course, comes the big moment of setting a price to it and making it available for enrollments! Hooray!   

While choosing the right price is quite important decision, actually setting the price for the course requires just a couple of clicks

1) Go to the course page and click on the magic "Manage your LearnWorld" button located at the top of the page

2) Click on the “edit” (pencil) button next the course's title

3) On the Access Menu Check the "Paid" button (this makes this a Premium course, that can only unlock after a user successfully buys the course). Set a Price for your course at the “Normal price” field. If you like, you can also setup a discounted price (in the “Discount Price” field. In this case, both price options will be displayed but only the discount price will apply). Then click "Save".

- If you want to have a free course, then you simply have to follow steps 1 and 2 and then on the access menu check the "free" button. Then click "Save" and you are done.

Now your course is ready to accept enrollments!

Note, that even though you set a course as "Paid", you also have to control/lock each course section. Be careful because even if you have set up a course as paid, if all your course sections are "free", then students will be free to access the course without paying. The reason for this is that LearnWorlds gives you fine-grained control over the course sections, allowing you to mark some sections as "Free", for attracting students, and locking others. So, before or right after you set a course as paid, make sure to also control the locking of the course's underlying sections. 

Follow the article below for further information about how you can control each section.

Using Sections to organize your course content

You are done!