The DailyNews newspaper is populated by RSS feeds. The instructor/author can select any number of RSS feeds and declare them through the authoring environment. Every few hours (depending on the number of feeds/news, traffic etc) the DaiyNews fetches the new articles.

1) Login to your LearnWorld with administration rights and click at the magic wand "Manage your LearnWorld" button at the top

2) Go to the admin menu on the left hand side of your screen and click at the Apps button and then Daily News

3) Click on the “Add feed” button at the top.

4) After that type or paste the URL of the RSS feed you would like to add and click the “Add Feed” button

5) At the “Pending Feeds” find the feed you just added and click on the "Approve" button to activate it.

6) Your new feed is now active! In a few hours, news items from there will start appearing in your DailyNews 

You are done!